On to the next one.

If she starts ignoring your phone calls, it could be a sign. If her text messages get shorter and shorter, that could be the confirmation. If she flat out tells you she isn’t interested, guys, it’s time to bow out. SilentlyIf she’s calling the cops on you, homie, jump out of the closest window. You’re making it harder for the rest of us.

Did you see The Black Mamba today? Yeah ok, it’s the Nets. However, they are still a team of young, hungry players. 30 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists. In 28 minutes. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. © S.C. 

There are only two ways this situation can end.

1) Beanie Sigel, please, for the love of hip-hop, give it up. Jay has better things to do. Read the first paragraph, it applies in this situation too.

2) Hov, please, give him a couple bars, already.

“Pull your skirt back down, grow a set men.” – Shawn Carter


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